Benjamin Dodds

"Where shrieks of bedlam are the norm, calm pricks the ears."

Benjamin Dodds is a Sydney-based poet who grew up in the NSW Riverina. He is the author of Regulator. His work appears in journals, anthologies and newspapers and has been broadcast on Radio National. He is a proud public school teacher. Airplane Baby Banana Blanket is his second book.

Author's books

Airplane Baby Banana Blanket


The latest collection from Benjamin Dodds interprets the bizarre true story of Lucy, a chimpanzee raised as the ‘daughter’ of Oklahoma psychotherapist Dr Maurice Temerlin during the 1960s and 70s. With deep empathy and an eye for subtle, telling moments, Dodds offers a complex reimagination of Lucy’s fraught hybrid life through unflinching poems that fascinate and unsettle in equal measure.