Prose Poetry Project

The Prose Poetry Project was formulated in 2015 as an online collaborative exercise in writing this most undecidable form of poetry. Including more than 20 poets from across the globe, the project continues to generate significant work from these poets both individually and collectively. Recent Work Press was very happy to be associated with the project from its inception and to produce a number of anthologies which showcase the breadth of work being produced by the project.

Five Ages


Hesiod’s Five Ages famously proides a vision of the decline of human society that has resonated for many centuries. In this anthology, five poets take Hesiod’s versions of the golden, silver, bronze, heroic and iron ages as their starting points to craft five individual ‘chapbooks’ of prose poetry – not only exploring notions from Hesiodbut also venturing into many new concepts that reconceptualise these ages.These twenty-first century poems challenge many of the archaic Greek poet’s assumptions and ideas, writing back to the ancient world with bravura while employing quintessentially contemporary inflections and preoccupations.

Five Oceans


In these prose poem sequences, five different tastes are explored, not only with reference to food and drink,but also through their metaphorical use. There are innumerable ways of ‘tasting’ and apprehending theworld, and these poems canvass a wide range of them while also encouraging readers to consider their own diverse tastes, preferences and experiences.