Recent Work Press is a small press imprint based in the ACT, Australia. We publish poetry,  non fiction, and other short-form textual work. We aim to make all our work available in attractive, paperback editions, priced to make good work accessible.


Our manifesto:

I like your manifesto
Let’s put it to the test-o


Publishing not profits
Recent Work Press is run strictly on a cost-recovery basis. We aren’t in the business of business. The people who run RWP contribute heaps of time and effort because they want to do the thing, not because they want to make money from the thing. This means our publications are…

Priced to make good work accessible
Volumes of contemporary Australian poetry cost somewhere upwards of $20 or $30. We don’t think it has to be like this. We actually want you to buy our books. We think it’s better for the writer to be read.  So we make them as inexpensive as we can by taking advantage of new printing technologies and the generosity and skills of smart, like-minded people. This means…

Our authors are our partners
We are careful about selecting the writers we work with. Often they are asked personally to submit work, or to participate in an anthology.  We believe in them as writers and artists and we want to share our collaborative success. We don’t require authors to take any financial risk or to contribute to the book’s production. You won’t lose your arts grant in opaque ‘editorial’ contributions. In other words, we like to…

Keep it simple
Our dealings with authors are based on a cost-recovery and profit-sharing model, rather than the complex royalty/ inventory/returns model of other publishers. Authors are free to purchase as many copies of their books as they think feasible at a flat rate to onsell or giveaway. We also share in profits equally with our writers, should a particular title recover its costs and go into profit. Our goal is to break even on all our titles, and for our authors to (at least) break even on their title as well.

We like it local…and regional, and national.
We think the poetry community in the ACT is very rich, and being Canberra-based, we’re keen to be a part of it.  We think that some poetry markets are better served than others. That’s why we’re also keen to seek out work from parts of Australia where poets have less of a chance of seeing their work in print. This means…

No chancers
You know who you are. Enough said.

No e-books
It’s unfashionable, and it may change, but we still like the good, old-fashioned, nice-smelling, hold in your hands, fold the corners down, turn the page physical book. We just do. We aren’t getting in to e-books anytime soon.