Transit Blues


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I am waiting, you know, for you

At the foot of that mountain

When you head off towards its summit

I’ll keep you company

Papyrus here

All the things you hold within you

All the things you have forgotten

Papyrus will remember.


Keijiro Suga’s Transit Blues  ponders wide horizons including man’s relationship with and impact on nature, with the passing of time, and what it is as humans to live in the presence of inevitable decline and death. A deeply thoughtful and percipient voice engages the reader, surreal and dreamlike imagery offering fresh and lucent perspectives. Essentially elegiac, seeking unity, clarity and connection Keijiro Suga’s poetry brings together refined philosophical thought and the wisdom of the heart. The dignified, ever sustaining and watchful presence of nature resonates throughout this elegantly paced and fine collection.


The crow is watching your every move.

Watching how you look at the flowers and touch their petals.

The sakura will be over soon, spring will deepen;

Tulips begin blossoming with anti-oxidant colours.


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