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I carry seeds in my mouth, plant

turmeric, cardamom, and tiny

aromatic cucumbers in this garden,

water them with rain I wring

from my grandmother’s songs.

They will grow, I know, against

These blackthorn walls. They are magic.

 In The Outsider, Sholeh Wolpé demonstrates with great dignity and beauty how out of deeply lived experience and an outstanding gift with language, her poetry courageously crosses boundaries, exposing human rights violations against women and children and bringing to consciousness words to transform, heal and change.

Her voice fearlessly articulates with exacting honesty the horror and tragedy of those who have no power to speak or act, such as her teenage friend who had to remain in Iran where,

……………………………… bombs fall

on paved roads and the sky rains scalding

lava that streams and streams, carries her

to the sharp edge of the world.


This is a potent, provocative and life-changing collection of deeply moving poetry from a brave and gifted woman, refusing to be silent _

this female blinking danger,

soft, strong and RED,





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