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Gallery of Antique Art


Paul Hetherington-

Prose Poetry-

Released Oct 2016

ISBN: 978-0-9944565-4-0

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Paintings trawl time like nets, catching what stories they can, and ruins are the ground you walk.

This prose poetry collection takes the reader through a gallery of European art, exploring modes of representation and the eddying connections between language and visual imagery. As it does so, it probes ways in which language ‘sees’, often in intimate ways. This collection also explores human history and culture, and the links between past and present—some works of art are like a form of memory and reach directly into viewers’ personal experiences. The gallery you encounter in these pages is notionally situated in Rome, but it is only fully constituted in these pages—containing, as it does, artworks on loan from elsewhere, such as Giorgione’s famous painting La Tempesta, usually housed in Venice. Although this book is made of words, it will conduct you on an unforgettable gallery tour.

These poems are not only visual, but sensuous on all front, enabling readers to wander, at their leisure, through a startingly realised tour of artistic practice.  Poetic reflections form before out eyes as if they were our own PAUL MUNDEN