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“Is it more beautiful now

 It is broken? Baroque

Bark frail and wave-

 Flung, sharp-struck so exactly.”


Bewilder is a probing collection of poetry by Katharine Coles, contemplating themes of memory, perception, love, loss, loneliness and violence through a wide range of subject matter including the individual, the world of nature and the world of art. Each subject is taken up with a visceral intelligence, the language direct, vital. Yet within its fluency something disturbing, a challenging undertow is present. Coles leads one along with a fresh thought, unusual image and then at the last becomes elusive, leaving one in the experience of bewilderment. The potency of these poems lies in their ability to act as a catalyst for ones own thinking, there being no easy answers, only encouragement to  “………..be charmed, be lost, for / Godsake remember be wild.”



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