Susan Bradley Smith

A poet, librettist, and historian, Susan's work is concerned with social poetics, and cultural practice as feminist intervention towards reimagining womanhood. A fan of rockpools and wild swimming, she lives in Naarm (Melbourne), and coastal Australia. Her award-winning writing has been published internationally, and includes seven collections of poetry, opera libretti, memoir, and history. Her latest books are the poetry collection Gladland (Recent Work Press, Canberra, 2020) and a history of suffrage theatre, A Splendid Adventure (Peter Lang, Oxford, 2020).

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Winner of the 2020 Niall Lucy Award

Gladland is a poetic tale of what heartbreak can and can’t do to a modern woman. Set to a 1970s psychosonic soundtrack, and staged in various cities from Detroit to Rome and Perth, these poems are glamrock operettas of everyday life, well-versed in its romantic absurdities and glories.