Matt Hetherington

"the most overused word in poetry is ‘light’, but what’s inside sorrow’s black marrow, if not light?"

Matt Hetherington has lived on Bundjalung country in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales since 2016. He also makes music under the name ZAZIZ.

Author's books



Matt Hetherington’s sixth collection is a palindromic homage to the personal, the political, and the personal as political. Filled with playful, sometimes cheeky poetry, Kaleidoscopes is also a book of relationships and gratitude, of things missing and abundant, and of a poet seeking to find his place in a difficult but ultimately joyful world.

The Love of the Sun


Matt Hetherington’s new collection highlights his very unique way of breaking the world at large into subtle architectures of mystery and wonder. Hetherington is fascinated by finding the universal in the particular and the sublime in the vulgar, and wrapping it up in tight little packages of observation and feeling.