Maggie Shapley

" … like a passenger hovering above a glittering city in a holding pattern, waiting for clearance. I walk out on the street and feel warm rain like permission on my face."

Maggie Shapley is a Canberra poet and University Archivist at the Australian National University. She won the 2003 ACT Writers Centre Poetry Award and her poems have been published in literary journals, anthologies and on Canberra buses in the Poetry in Action series from 2007 to 2009. Most recently she’s writing prose poems on her phone as part of the Prose Poetry Project at the University of Canberra.

Author's books



From the opening poem of Maggie Shapley’s first collection Proof, we know we are in the company of a thoughtful, sometimes restless, poet. Here, in explorations of childhood and family, memory and loss, belonging and dislocation, we find every word conveying a powerful sense of lived encounters and experience. This is poetry characterised by close observation, a restrained wit and a fine precision of language.