Lucy Alexander

"Are those stars walking on a million tiny feet across the pebbled beachey sky? Do they dare into the sea with its tidal pull rhythm?"

Lucy is a writer and poet. She works from a studio at Gorman + Ainslie Arts Centre. In 2019 she was a HardCopy non-fiction stream participant for her quirky manuscript Calling Your Dog. She also received an ArtsACT grant to be mentored by Isobelle Carmody for her work of fiction Mela’s Aqueduct in collaboration with digital artist Paul Summerfield. Her poems have recently appeared in Cordite and Meniscus, and reviews in Verity La. She lives in a happy menagerie with her four kids and loving husband.

Author's books

Strokes of Light


Lucy Alexander’s new collection is suffused with subtle observations of nature, childhood, and memory. In imagery loaded with both immediacy and resonance, each ‘stroke’of these luminous poems invokes the sense that great and shifting worlds are coiled within even the smallest of things..