Lucy Alexander

Lucy Alexander is a poet and writer working on Ngunnawal/Ngambri land, where she’s a resident at the vibrant Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre. Just at the beginning of lockdown in 2020 Strokes of Light was released by Recent Work Press. Equations of Breath is her fourth collection of poems. Lucy’s poetry is published in journals, recently appearing in Meniscus and Authoria, as well as being anthologised and also read on radio at ArtsSoundFM. She was the recipient of the CAPO Cook Creative Writing Award in 2022, as well as a participant in Varuna’s masterclasses with Felicity Plunkett. She teaches and builds word constructions as well as juggling delightful and challenging family life.

Author's books

Equations of Breath


‘Lucy Alexander’s Equations of Breath is a questing volume of poetry and prose poetry that frequently tantalises the ineffable. It probes the intimate connections between people, and human relationships to the more-than-human world. At its core is a series of moving poems illustrating memory’s connection to identity and perception. Equations of Breath also deals poignantly with the experience of dementia and the complex relationships between parents and children. This book is imagistic and linguistically playful, powerfully foregrounding the importance of the imagination.’
Paul Hetherington

‘Lucy Alexander’s fourth collection conjures landscapes where the line between internal and external worlds blurs. What strikes in these intimate poems is breath. Here it is tight. There it is released with relief, longing or grief. Here the ‘blue and yellow of time’ bleed into each other along phylogenetic lines. There ‘is no time in the present’ and ‘love is a measure of distance.’ Vulnerable and defying Equations of Breath beckons for its craft and care.’
Dominique Hecq

Strokes of Light


Lucy Alexander’s new collection is suffused with subtle observations of nature, childhood, and memory. In imagery loaded with both immediacy and resonance, each ‘stroke’of these luminous poems invokes the sense that great and shifting worlds are coiled within even the smallest of things..