Kimberly K. Williams

Kimberly K Williams is the author of two books, Sometimes a Woman (Recent Work Press) and Finally, the Moon, (Stephen F Austin University Press). She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas El Paso. Kimberly was short-listed for the University of Canberra's Vice-Chancellor's Poetry Prize in 2019, and her poems appear in many journals and anthologies around the world. After twenty years of writing and teaching in the U.S. Southwest, Kimberly moved to Canberra to work on a PhD. She is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

Author's books

Sometimes a Woman


Based on historical, biographical and geographic research, Sometimes a Woman explores the lives of 19th-century women—prostitutes and madams—who helped settle America’s Wild West . Filled with voices that were mostly silenced in their era, these poems convey a variety of emotions, personalities and voices sometimes angry, usually feisty, and occasionally humorous.  The poems, which vary in style and form, ranging from lyrical and narrative lineated poems to prose and found poems, pay tribute to and celebrate these women.