Jacqui Malins

Jacqui Malins is a performance poet, writer and multidisciplinary artist based in Canberra.

She has performed at the Woodford Festival, National Folk Festival, Poetry on The Move and other events and festivals, and was an Australian Poetry Slam finalist in 2015.  Jacqui created poetry shows "Words in Flight" and "Cavorting with Time" (with cellist Julia Horvath), which resulted in a book of the same name (2018, Recent Work Press). Her work has been published The Blue Nib, Not Very Quiet, Poets Reading the News and RABBIT.  Jacqui co-founded and organises Mother Tongue Multilingual Poetry events in Canberra.

Author's books



‘F-words’ is less expletive, more reconnaissance flight. In this five-year exploratory survey of territory that might include poetry, Malins forays into fables, fauna and flora, family, feminism, faraway and further. Whether in factual, fictive, fabulist or forensic form, Malins is squinting through life’s surface reflections and writing what she glimpses underneath.

Cavorting with Time


Cavorting with Time is a series of poems about female ageing and mortality. Jacqui Malins shares them here as a work in progress, a script that will develop and mature over time, gathering notes and annotations with each new presentation. She has performed variations of it solo, with musical accompaniment, and now it performs on the page.