Es Foong

Es Foong (Waffle Irongirl) is a poet, flash fictionista and spoken word performer living on the land of the Wurundjeri people. Their poems have appeared in Australian Poetry Journal, Rabbit Poetry, Kalliope X and the Best of Australian Poems 2022 anthology. They have performed on poetry stages including La Mama Poetica and Queensland Poetry Festival 2022. On-stage, they are the poetic analogue of heavy-metal karaoke. Off-stage, they eat identity labels for breakfast. They live online at

Author's books

Clot and Marrow


You lead me through strange geographies.
You say, up here the tide
cannot drown our sandwiches.

Es Foong’s debut collection explores the strange geographies of belonging: to family, gender, culture and oneself. It ponders boundaries; the predicament of needing to assert them even as they cause pain and separation. It explores influences on identity and the fault-lines of trauma, how these are woven into our bodies. It sees the power and the possibility of the pause – as breath, silence, a poem’s whitespace – and as an alternative way of being, survival and love.