Cassandra Atherton

Cassandra’s prose poetry has been widely anthologized both nationally and internationally in publications such as Best Australian Poems (Black Inc.) and Strange Cargo: Five Australian Poets (Smith|Doorstop, UK). Her prose poems have been translated into Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Cassandra has been awarded many literary prizes including the University of California Mary Schroeder award and is the recipient of national and international research grants and teaching awards including a VicArts grant and an Australian Council Grant for her work on atomic bomb poetry.

Author's books

Fugitive Letters


When Charity finds letters, journals and sketches in the roof of her great-aunt’s house, she uncovers a rich family history that she must piece together from fragments. Great-aunt Birdie’s letters to her lover are a compelling and revealing account of life for many women in the 1930s. Her experiences as an artist in the first decades of the century, and her earlier relationship with a young man who goes to war, also provide powerful insights into a woman who, as Charity begins to suspect, wanted more than her era would allow.