Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan lives in Australia. His poetry, reviews and essays have been published in literary journals and newspapers, including The Best Australian Poems series (Black Inc), Contemporary Australian Poetry (Puncher and Wattman) and The Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry. His poem, Blister Country, was included in A Single Tree by Don Watson. Critical essays on his poetry have appeared in The Age and Fishing for Lightning (UQP) by Sarah Holland-Batt. The author of six collections of poetry, the latest being, The Lowlands of Moyne, Walleah Press 2019. His memoir, Walk Like a Cow, was published in 2020 by Walleah Press.

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Feldspar, the new collection of poetry from Brendan Ryan, is unflinching in its focus on rural landscapes, the treatment of farm animals and the humble lives of people often missing from poetry. There are odes to invigilators, truck drivers, a family member who took to walking, laments for dogs and the hardened realities of country living. A sense of longing for and loss from the country is a sub-text for poems that reveal how place is never only a geographical location, but more of a state of mind to be revisited again and again and where belonging can also be found in music, driving or looking at the country you inevitably return to.

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