Adrian Caesar

Adrian Caesar was born near Manchester in the UK but has lived and worked in Australia for over forty years. He was formerly Associate Professor of English at UNSW@ADFA and subsequently taught Creative Writing on an occasional basis at ANU. He is the author of twelve books including non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. His experimental non-fiction novel, The White won the Victorian Premier’s award for non-fiction and the ACT Book of the Year in 2000. His novel, The Blessing, was long-listed for the Voss Literary Award in 2016. His poems have also been long and short-listed for various awards including the Judith Wright Prize, the Dorothy Porter Prize, The University of Canberra International Poetry Prize.

Author's books

The Dancing Man


In the face of fire, flood and plague, environmental catastrophe and political chaos, the challenge is that poetry, in Auden’s words, ‘show an affirming flame’.
The poems in The Dancing Man are an attempt to move from grief and loss towards consolations, however limited these might be. Intimations of connection and inter-dependence between all living things is the fragile basis for a first step towards spiritual re-orientation and an art of hope.

This Cathedral Grief


This Cathedral Grief responds to the death of Adrian Caesar’s sister, Karen, from pancreatic cancer in 2012-13. This book explores various dimensions of faith—secular, artistic and spiritual—in an attempt to wrest meaning from the blank of loss. Without supporting any single position or belief, these poems are provisional statements, charting the impossibility of celebrating or memorialising someone successfully, much less recovering that person through language.