October 12

Triple Book Launch: Jill Jones, Moya Pacey and Penelope Layland

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About The Event

76 Alinga Street
Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia
October 12, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us at Smith’s Alternative, or via Zoom for the launch of three new Recent Work titles:

Wild Curious Air by Jill Jones Wild Curious Air is a conversation, a series of readings or observances, full of shiftings: of ideas, words and bodies; through breath and breathlessness; intimacies and desires; ecstatic and dreaming states; and continuous retrievals of memory. It is a book of play and pleasure that acknowledges the global emergencies of the 21st century, as a calling to and a calling up of things, big and small, close and distant, made in language, made while moving among and through the world. Jill will be reading from Adelaide via Zoom.

Nigh by Penelope Layland From the author of the award-winning Things I’ve thought to tell you since I saw you last comes a new collection of poems steeped in a sense of dark foreboding. Jumping from the global to the everyday, many of the poems in Nigh chime with the mood that all is not right with the world. Even in the seemingly mundane, or overtly beautiful, Layland finds some uncomfortable truths waiting to be unpicked. Nigh displays the confidence of a poet looking and thinking deeply about the world and offering it up in language as crisp as it is beguiling.

Doggerland by Moya Pacey Doggerland is the name of a once fertile and populated land mass, now submerged under the North Sea, that once connected the British Isles with Europe. In the winter of 2017/18, Doggerland was clearly visible once again from the coast near the town where Moya Pacey was born and raised. In Pacey’s hands, this phenomenon works as a metaphor for how memory brings to the surface images, glimpses, stories, people and places appearing and disappearing, in no set order, around the space of this collection of poems. Doggerland revisits a time of post World War II northern England, replete with traditional norms and values, and darknesses waiting to emerge above the water of everyday life.

Combination live and streamed event (Zoom and Room): live attendees should book tickets with Smith’s at the link below. Zoom attendees should check the That Poetry Thing facebook event for Zoom details at 6pm on the night for the Zoom event link. Doors open 6.30pm, event starts at 7pm.

Important note: If you are a person who is vulnerable to COVID-19, *please* stay home and attend via Zoom. If you do buy a ticket and find yourself unwell on the night, likewise *please* protect your community by staying home and Zooming in. It’s free, and it’s COVID-safe