November 2

Paul Hetherington & Cassandra Atherton; Jen Webb & She Hawke; Benjamin Dodds

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About The Event

76 Alinga Street
Canberra, ACT 2601 Australia
November 2, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us at Smith’s Alternative, or via Zoom for the launch of two new collaborative Recent Work titles:

Fugitive Letters: When Charity finds letters, journals and sketches in the roof of her great-aunt’s house, she uncovers a rich family history that she must piece together from fragments. Great-aunt Birdie’s letters to her lover are a compelling and revealing account of life for many women in the 1930s. Her experiences as an artist in the first decades of the century, and her earlier relationship with a young man who goes to war, also provide powerful insights into a woman who, as Charity begins to suspect, wanted more than her era would allow.

Flight Mode:  These poems emerged slowly, and through aleatory conversations between Shé and Jen, in which they identified points of connection in and beyond poetry. Both poets are interested in experiment, and in women poets’ voices; both have lived in Western Australia and been captivated by the light, the space, and the vastness of that state; and both poets have spent a fair bit of time in mourning and in responding to the loss of loved one. They are also interested in movement in creative and scholarly terms. For Shé, the elemental world is a motivating force; for Jen, it’s travel—hence the title of this joint publication.

Airplane Baby Banana Blanket is the latest collection from Benjamin Dodds. It  interprets the bizarre true story of Lucy, a chimpanzee raised as the ‘daughter’ of Oklahoma psychotherapist Dr Maurice Temerlin during the 1960s and 70s. With deep empathy and an eye for subtle, telling moments, Dodds offers a complex reimagination of Lucy’s fraught hybrid life through unflinching poems that fascinate and unsettle in equal measure.

Combination live and streamed event (Zoom and Room): live attendees should book tickets with Smith’s at the link below. Zoom attendees should check the That Poetry Thing facebook event for Zoom details at 6pm on the night for the Zoom event link. Doors open 6.30pm, event starts at 7pm.

Important note: If you are a person who is vulnerable to COVID-19, *please* stay home and attend via Zoom. If you do buy a ticket and find yourself unwell on the night, likewise *please* protect your community by staying home and Zooming in. It’s free, and it’s COVID-safe