During it’s first 5 years of operation, Recent Work Press has published a range of poetry by both established and new poets on an invitation basis only. While our focus has emphasised the rich poetry scene in Canberra, we have also published work by poets from around Australia, and around the world.

In this next phase of the press, we are instituting two new arrangements aimed at addressing expanding interest in our work, and to streamline our assessment processes.

The first of these is to institute an editorial board for the press, allowing us to refine our editorial decision-making. On this front poets Penelope Layland, Lisa Brockwell and Martin Dolan will be joining publisher, Shane Strange to form the Recent Work Press editorial board.  Many thanks to Penelope, Lisa and Martin for agreeing to help out and be a part of the RWP story.

Secondly, from 2020, Recent Work Press will open a submission window for poetry manuscripts from 1 to 30 April, for consideration for publication in the following year, details of which can be found below.

Recent Work Press submission guidelines.

  • The submission window for submissions will be open from 1-30 April only. Submissions received outside the submission window will not be considered.
  • We ask that poets interested in publishing with Recent Work make themselves aware of the type of books we publish and our publishing ethos.
  • Please submit one manuscript only.
  • Manuscript length should be between 50 and 70 pages.
  • In a cover letter/note, please include a brief description of the work and indicate why you think Recent Work would be a good match for your manuscript.
  • Poetry submissions should also include a brief poet\’s CV including previous publications list (if any) and the proposed manuscript.
  • We are a very small press with extremely limited resources. We are only able to publish a limited number of titles each year, and are unable to provide detailed responses to manuscripts that we do not accept.
  • Please send all material as a PDF to: [email protected]