Authorised Theft

authorised theft

The AUTHORISED THEFT series of poetry chapbooks was initiated by the International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI) based in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra.  IPSI supports and promotes collaborative and collegiate poetic work in a variety of forms, and encourages the collaboration of poets with other artists, such as Caren Florance who has designed this chapbook series.

The first collection of chapbooks – Cassandra Atherton’s Pegs, Paul Hetherington’s Jars, Paul Munden’s Keys, Jen Webb’s Gaps and Jordan Williams’ Nets – resulted from discussions connected to IPSI’s Prose Poetry Project, inaugurated by IPSI in late 2014. A second collection, The Taoist Elements, followed in 2016. The third collection, Colours, builds on the same creative collaboration.

Authorised Theft


ISBN: 9780648087809
Released September 2017
6 chapbooks (including colophon) w: 210g


– $12.95 (includes shipping in Australia)
– $ 17.95 (includes shipping Internationally)

Language douses them in spilled buckets of words. Damp acres gutter. Black lines run like snakes towards my feet.

When reflecting on colour we often recall the bleeding cerulian sky, nestled safely in the memories of our youth, or the deep red of a sunset, moving too fast too capture. In this chapbook collection Paul Hetherington, Jen Webb, Paul Munden, Cassandra Atherton and Jordan Williams explore their relationships with colour and the ways in which they experience it from the underwhelming yellow neon of mustard on a hotdog sign to the green black flesh of rotting leaves.

The colours:

Red by Jen Webb

Orange by Paul Munden

Yellow by Cassandra Atherton

Green by Jordan Williams

Blue by Paul Hetherington